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I'm Odell Harris.

Scroll down to read about the  image "footprints" and to learn more about Switchfoot Cafe's Collaborative Initiative.

Odell Harris fine art photo "Footprints"

aboutthe shot

This is award wining fine art image "Footprints" was taken a short stroll from Switchfoot Cafe...Duranbah beach. A regular hotspot for local talented wave riders and traveling surf seekers, D'bah is on the list of 'must surf' destinations for many on the Southern End. 

I was fortunate enough to score swell, water clarity and the perfect light to capture the action of these wave hunters from a not often seen perspective.   

Footprints is available for purchase, please see staff for details or contact me via Instagram

Switchfoot cafe.jpg

Switchfoot Cafe Collaborative 

The owners Mitch and Sarah can often be seen enjoying a sneaky wave in-between the early morning and brunch coffee crowd.

Obsessed with all things coffee AND surfing, Mitch and Sarah are also passionate about their local community. They teamed up with professional photographer Odell Harris, Chasing Clarity magazine and Ocean Imagery podcast  Chasing Clarity to offer a continually changing art project that showcase's the local delights from an ocean creative's perspective. 

So enjoy your coffee, enjoy the art, hashtag the artist and cafe if you're on socials and...keep an eye out for another art piece soon.

Thanks for choosing Switchfoot cafe, see you next time, yeeew!

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